Yosanity is a family of routine checklist apps I’m making for myself.

Unlock the Power of a Checklist

Checklists are a great way to improve productivity and reduce stress. There are a lot of personal stories of life-changing routines and habits on the internet, and there are multiple studies on the subject matter.

I am making these apps from my own experience: I get more done and feel better about myself when I’m following a planned routine. The sleep inertia doesn’t bother me as much and less time is wasted procrastinating.

Checklists are not a silver bullet, but pushing bicycle pedals takes less energy than running.



Poor technology often gets in a way of productivity. I’d like to avoid that.

Yosanity follows the Human Interface Guidelines and uses iOS native frameworks (SwiftUI, iCloud) to make the apps first-class citizens on your device.


Stick to Routines

Healthy habits are hard to build and even harder maintain. Checklist & Notifications are there to help.

The Checklist guides you through your plan. Hint: make a habit of starting the next task right after completing one.

At times we get distracted. To get you back on the planned path the apps will send you reminders before and during the routine.


Track Time

Get better at your routines by understanding how you spend your time.

Using history you’ll be able to get insights into how to optimize your time, which tasks need more attention and how much time you loose procrastinating.


Own the Data

Store privately. Export as a spreadsheet.

It’s a bad practice that just about every service employs: lock-in a customer by locking their data in your servers. Can’t a world be a better place?

With Yosanity your data is stored in your iCloud. The app developer can’t access it whatsoever.

Just tap an Export button in the app to download a lifetime of history. Analyse the spreadsheet for a deeper understanding of your routine or event use it to migrate to a better app if somebody builds one.


Fair Deal

No ads, no subscriptions, no data sold — just for $2.99 free.

I hate ads.

I hate when my own data is sold to somebody.

I like owning things I pay for.

I hope I am not alone.


Seamless Sync

Using iCloud your data is saved across all your devices.

Pure magic: no sign up required.

App Store Reviews

Wow! Changed my life. Awesome, but why not multiple routines?


Why checklists?

Because we’re not perfect, but we are not afraid of it.

A checklist is…used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. Wikipedia
Can’t it just be a single app?

Building habits is hard. One checklists per app is an optimization to make it easier.

  1. Focus.
    Don’t get distracted by things outside of your current goals in the app.
  2. Reduce friction.
    Get right into your activity in one tap (opening the app) instead of stumbling on habit/project/goal lists.
  3. Anchor routines.
    Use an app icon as a psychological anchor for a habit, helping you to stick to a routine.
Will there be an Android app?

I’m not planning on it at the moment.

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